by Butterknife

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we open on our hero: frozen in his tracks, sweating through his jacket and his tie fits like an asthma attack. he's stuck in a moment he'd rather flee. her eyes are a watery mess. hardly a sight unseen, but it's time to come clean. and then she said, "say goodnight, say goodbye, say you're sorry, say you tried - it doesn't matter now. I'm anxious to feel alive," she said. "i've never been more terrified, but it doesn't matter now. I'm ready to feel alive." he suffers indecision. it's plagued him all his life. he sees himself at 50 with a family and a back full of knives. but then we flash back to '93 - siamese dreams and he's fearless as can be. "what became of me? what the hell?" all of his fears, they come crawling to life and haunt him like ghosts in the middle of night. "what is left for me? what am i to anyone? i can drag us both down but i'd rather stay home. all i want is one night alone. i will make my amends. all i want is one night alone. you can have your revenge."
Telescope 04:09
secretary's on the phone. imminent decision. i've been climbing up the walls from my prone position. silence on line one. what could i have done any different? you ladies and you gentlemen, what would you have done? magnifying every word suits their own revisions. i'm convinced i've made it clear in bullet-point precision. following the crowd, isn't that allowed? in america, first you get the money and then you get the girl. i saw a thing so beautiful. i saw you in my telescope. it felt to me electrical. i saw you in my telescope.
Afraid of Me 03:32
bruises will fade from view, that's a lesson i have learned. i've had my share of hues and counted colors as they turned. tell me which wire to cut. i think i've had enough. tell me which wire to cut. quickly, the sun's coming up. is that cornflower blue? it must be tuesday once again. i can make something up, a likely story if you care. "maybe on the weekend. once in a while. only on occasion." it's no secret. it's not a mystery. it's no secret why i'm afraid of me. i think your friends are right about me. but it's only on the weekends. once in a while. maybe on occasion.
Medicine 04:14
buried beneath silvery sheets of medicine, the conversation runs aground. i can't believe silhouettes and interference. it's safe to say this is a low. waiting for a signal from you that never comes. i swear the clocks are dialing back. silence building, chokes the air inside my lungs. exhale and exit, fade to black and then i'm blank. every time. every single time. too much fighting, too much wine. so show me your disappearing act. we collide. forget about secrets. i smile so hard and wait to die for a little while. let's drink one down to calm our shaking hands, then turn around and walk a thousand paces. you're on the attack. i don't look back. it's not a mistake, please don't hesitate. what will you do without an enemy to run to? every time. every single time. too much fighting to rewind.
not by design, not by a long shot, i knew i'd met my match. a mirror image staring back at me from behind an empty glass. and when you laughed at me, it was over. i leaned backwards in my chair content to watch our love grow older. january slowly drifts along to december. it's indecent the sort of things remembered. the planetarium, a fifth of maker's. i caught you doing cartwheels shitfaced down the escalator. i've got a muscle memory made of you and me playing on repeat. i've got a muscle memory written in defeat i can't bury underneath. through the hotel, down the corridor i retrace our steps to the rooftop bar where i imagine i haven't even met you yet. and as i sip my drink, i am swimming, treading whiskey in an ocean i find so much more forgiving. i've got a muscle memory made of you and me playing on repeat. i've got a timeless melody so epic in its sweep - if you could only hear, you'd swing from the chandeliers.
Winter Coat 07:12
seven nights out of six i'm chasing some romantic fix in my idiot head. it always ends the same - forgetting my own name, and stumbling home the same way i came. you wore my heart before, wrapped around you tight, so warm despite the bitter cold. but you shut me away, a winter coat you shed the very day spring arrived again. we once tied the knot with a kiss in the parking lot outside the opera house. there were no wedding bells, no friends arrived to wish us well. it's all the same to me. i once thought you had the same thoughts as me. i cannot believe the conversations in my own head. i once thought you had the same flaws as me. i cannot believe those conversations anymore. you wore my heart before, wrapped around you tight. you loved that i do as i'm told. then you shut me away, a winter coat you shed the very day spring arrived again. but oh, when it grows cold, you will come back to me, down on all fours, begging my sympathy. and it's such a pretty sight when it takes hold.


Our third release. Available for free/pay-what-you-want!


released November 16, 2013

All songs by Butterknife. Recorded and mixed by Jim Theodore. Mastering by TW Walsh. Cover design by Kieran Stone.


all rights reserved



Butterknife Boston, Massachusetts

Butterknife is Phil, Kieran, and Jim. @yaybutterknife on twitter.

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