Do the Needful

by Butterknife

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released January 28, 2012

All songs written by Butterknife. Recorded and mixed by Jim Theodore. Mastering by TW Walsh. Cover photo and design by Kieran Stone.



all rights reserved


Butterknife Boston, Massachusetts

Butterknife is Phil, Kieran, and Jim. @yaybutterknife on twitter.

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Track Name: $100
eyes on my own paper. i color inside the lines. someone found your photo in a wedding magazine, i read it fourteen times. no more radio silence. no more listening in. i made a telephone out of some cups and string. i told your girlfriends everything. how do i stop my eyes spinning, when every woman to a man destroys him? when every woman passing by is poison? you wrote a letter at a quarter to three, advising me against my usual proclivities. and me, i read your letter at a quarter to nine. one hundred bucks in nickels and a wishing well, i guess i'm doing time. i like poison just fine.
Track Name: coattails
when we're done they'll throw the book at us, listing all our crimes. but i'm not afraid of a single word they'll say, it's nonsense anyway. oh so cliché. me and you, they'll ride our coattails when we make another move. although we've got nothing left to do. and so we'll shoot 'em down like spaceships in the clouds blocking out the sky. i never know how many ways they'll try, it leaves me with a sigh. why me and you? they'll ride our coattails when we make another move. although we've got nothing left to prove, they'll ride our coattails. yeah yeah yeah.
Track Name: June 4
you are a target, a lovely object. my senses sharpen for you. lost in the moment, i am alone with the tightening screws. i can't help believing you could quell this thing in me. but there's no use deceiving, i'll dissolve into the scenery. and so it falls to you; love has done all love can do. don't look to me, i've failed more than a few. i'll fail you too. this bed, it echoes. the bombs are let go. we watch them fall away. and though it's tragic, i've made a habit of these alarming displays. there's no room for feelings, though you have my sympathies. all regret is fleeting. today's mistake, tomorrow's sad reprise.
Track Name: restless
no shortage of intent, as far as i can tell, but i remember when i had you writhing in the palm of my hand. now something's wrong. this thing can (right/write) itself. since when did you become the difficult sell? i can call you on the phone. catch you all alone. meet you at the bar. a moment in the car. the slightest glimpse will do as long as it's you. i will be right here when you cry, "someone's always getting uptight. someone leaves a little denied. someone sleeps a little bit restless." but even when we're falling apart you always keep a piece of my heart. someone seems a little too restless. it's all of my concern. i got the discontent. am i brazen? are you broken? are we anything? it's impossible to tell. i'm almost gone. you're a pattern in static. i'm a rattle in the attic. we're a drawing in invisible ink. i will be right here waiting for any sign at all. the winter till the fall, the summer till the spring. i cannot feel a thing, but i am right here, right here if you try. let me have that sinking feeling that i have designed. let me trace my name in cursive up and down your spine.
Track Name: this was a romance
as close as i recall is much too close after all. but you might remember me underneath the pleasantries. this was a romance. a screaming came across the sky. we made love like fireflies singeing the oceans till the oceans dried out. this was a romance. it was ours. was it worth our second glance? something inside me is undone. this was a romance that fed upon our nonchalance. something inside me is unwound. this was a romance. it was a farce. but it was ours.